cryptoFIIMPORTANT WARNING: CryptoLocker.

Hi everyone, I’m not trying to be alarmist here but I have personally come across this 5 times in the last fortnight and personally had to deal with the damage it did across my entire works network. Just a friendly warning.

There is an email scam going around at the moment that can (and does) destroy all of your personal computer files. It goes through and encrypts all of your personal files which renders them useless unless you have the key which they will try and extort money out of you to obtain. Be warned, even if you do pay it is unlikely you will be able to recover your files and if you do, it tells the scammers that you are a soft target for future scams.

If you are hit by this scam “I CAN’T FIX IT FOR YOU” and if (and it’s a very big IF), anybody can it will cost you an absolute fortune.

The only way to recover your files is from a backup, so if you don’t have a backup of your important files you can pretty much kiss them good by.

What to watch for. I have personally come across two versions of the email (There may be others). One of them was from AU Post and one was from Australia Post. Both were in relation to an un-deliverable parcel. One had a link to view more information and the other had a link to Print a shipping Label.
As I said, There may be other versions available from different vendors, or asking you to do different things. If your not 100% sure. DONT CLICK THE LINK.

Contribution by: Leigh Dunscombe – Kinglake